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About Recording

It important that you know what you want to accomplish before you come into the studio to record. We charge the same rate per hour but the quality of your recordings will depend on how much time you want us to spend on your works. This is called production time. Also the quality will depend on how prepared you are.

If you want just basic recordings that reflect what you track in the studio during recording then expect to pay for each hour in the studio and leave the studio with an "as is" recording (popular for most sessions and mixtape projects).

 If you want mixing and editing of your works then you need to expect an extra hour for each hour in the recording studio.
If you want your musical works to sound like what you hear on the radio or broadcast quality then you can expect we could spend up to 5 hours of additional time for each hour in the studio. 

We want to give you the best experience and give you the results you desire so know what you want and know your budget. We can assure you that whatever you decide the quality of your recordings and your experience will be top notch.